Monday, January 22, 2007

In The Shadow Of The Baobab

In the shadow of the baobab
when the afternoon sun is a golden glow
and the heat of the day is being dissolved
by a soft breeze that started to blow
the herd is returning, the night is approaching
and soon, a sickle moon will be hanging low

When the ancient dust of Africa
has settled at the end of day
and the wisdom of the elders has quietly been spoken
from beneath the baobab and conveyed
fires were started and within,
darkness and fears were allayed

Rise up my boys to face the night
rise up to shed your fears
sleep with one eye open and one ear to the ground
and keep near you your beloved spears
for tonight after the eunoto
you'll be no more il morran, but men 'till your grey years.
Andre Hanekom 2007

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Reeholio said...

Nice poem Andre!

You're now linked at A World of Bloggers.

Regards, Rhys