Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Damn weather related delays again

I somehow knew after we boarded the airplane and still sitting at the gate, obviously refused to accept at that point in time, my chances to arrive on time to Monterrey tonight were dealt a severe blow when they asked for 3 volunteers to step of the airplane and stay behind in Lexington, KY, because the airplane was overweight. The pilot informed us that they had to take on additional fuel because we were to fly the long route via Dallas to Houston due to the inclement weather between Lexington and Houston.

I stepped into the Houston terminal at 8:35 pm, the exact time that we were suppose to board the flight to Monterrey. The flight schedule above the departure date still read 9:10 pm, on time, but one look at the chaotic state of the terminal told a different story. “Something was happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones”* There were too many people that had that pissed off look in the faces and were sitting around on the ground and where ever a seat could be found. Weather delays…again.

To make a long wait a short story, we eventually left Houston after midnight and I only arrived at my hotel at 2:15 in the morning. But as we were waiting the terminal got bitterly cold due to the low setting of the air-conditioning and I didn’t packed any sweater or jersey. Why? I didn’t plan to get stuck in a terminal and the weather in Monterrey is in the 80’s. I reminded me of the day we visited Siena, Italy earlier this year. It was a beautiful sunny day morning in Florence when we left to Siena, but while sightseeing the temperature dropped dramatically and it started to rain. We eventually had to hurriedly buy expensive Italia sweaters for all of us from a street vendor that catered for tourists. Well, Houston airport shops were all closed so I never had that luxury of buying an emergency sweater.

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