Friday, November 16, 2007

100 Not Out...Yet

This is my 100th post and it comes with some layout changes, and new profile and other art work. (I planned the changes, but not that they coincide with the 100th post. Pure accident.) Gone are the ads, they don't bring in any money really and I don't do blogging for the money in any case. They say a change is at good as a holiday, and seeing that I won't be going on any long holiday soon...(I still miss Italy.)

It seems I have had a bit of blogger's block lately. Written a few articles, but then delete it again because it didn’t feel right. Maybe it is just a lot of shit flying around that is blocking meaningful words from getting out. Maybe, subconsciously off course, I am like many cricketers that get bogged down when they are in the nineties, just before they reach that milestone of scoring a ton. Or maybe I’m just full of it. I hope that the coming few days off during Thanksgiving will electrify the old grey cells and the subsequent explosion will clear the clammy fogginess. I can already hear it: I can see clearly now that the rain is gone…

Oh well, let’s smile and pretend and even try to laugh.

Post Heading: The Cricket Match by Braaq (Brian Shields) - Oil Painting.

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