Saturday, December 1, 2007

Getting Ready for Winter

With the first winter storm heading towards us (it has already dump several inches of snow to the north), this is the last photos of the 2007 fall/autumn.

A couple of weeks ago we went out cruising the countryside, looking for fall colors, but most of the trees had already turned grey and bare-leaved. We should have stayed at home and walked through the neighborhood. For some reason, I don’t know why, but I’m sure there is a natural explanation (maybe the drought), trees in the city limit paraded their fall colors a week or two later than their counterparts in the countryside. As always with fall and its colors, and unfortunately so, within 5 – 10 days it was all gone again.

Everyone is raking and bagging or using the lawnmower for the last time this year, mulching the leaves and let winter do the rest. And if you live on Maple Street you can just rake the leaves to the side of the road and the city workers will come along with their motorized vacuum and suck the leaves up. I can remember they use to do the same during autumn/fall when we lived in Durbanville, Cape Town. The only difference was that they use to burn the leaves on the truck as they picked up the leaves from the street. Off course that would never be allowed in today’s green conscious world.

The big clean up before winter. I’m done now. Today I raked and collected the last leaves in the backyard. Tools have been put away. I closed up shop for the winter. Waiting for the snow and the icy winds from the north. And 4 months from now it will all start over again. Spring cleaning! Then we throw the house open, invite the warmer breezes and fresh air into the house to replace the winter-induced stuffiness. Another new beginning. Another cycle of life.

A view across the front yard. Within three days of taking this photo it was all gone.

Fountain grasses turning yellow and brown and in the background, Burning bushes display their brilliant red fall coat.

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