Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going Nude for Wine

How far will advertisers and producers take organic farming?
Well Avondale, a winery on the south side of Paarl, in the wine district of Cape Town, South Africa, went au naturel in their advertising.
Or maybe it is nudevertising.

The estate is very innovative in its organic farming practices. They use cover crops, local indigenous species with interesting names like kooigoed, kouterbos, kapokbos, to stabilize and balance their soil instead of fertilizers. And bugs are controlled by ducks and wasps. So to get their message across in marketing they decided to show their “workers” working in the nude. Nudity is universally associated with being natural.
Very clever.

One of the print advertising pages.

Another of the print pages for advertising

Avondale's real workers. Not so au natural.

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