Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Titanic Artifacts Exhibition

As is typical with many artifact exhibitions the drama of the d├ęcor and the music is far more dramatic than the artifacts themselves. The Titanic Artifact Exhibition I visited tonight here in Monterrey, Mexico is no different.

Luckily I was expecting something like that so no disappointment. After all, what can be expected after the artifacts spent 85 years under the freezing seas of the north Atlantic. Among the artifacts were hair brushes, smoking pipes, jewelry, shavers, cups and saucers and plates, coins and money notes (some blackened over the years) all in glass boxes. 300 small artifacts in total.

One of the things that really caught my eye was the old black and white photos, blown up to huge posters. In one, with the Titanic in the background, still being built in the dry dock, the workers were leaving the yard, all of them in black pants and black coats and white shirts. Either a uniform or clothes only came in black and white those days for low paid folks. Another photo was of the engineers pouring over blueprints in a huge sunlit room, also in black and white suits, except in this photo there was an odd engineer with a grey coat on. One of the real surprises was a recovered men’s suit, still in reasonable good condition.

As usual no photo taking was allowed, but that had never stopped me from snapping a few secretly.
Reproduction of the Titanic's Veranda Cafe.

Replica of a 3rd class cabin. At $35 ticket / $620 in today's money, sharing with 3 other occupants that most likely spoke different languages. 1st class tickets were $4,500 / $78,950 in today's money.

Supper bowls of the Titanic as it was found on the seafloor.

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