Monday, July 7, 2008

Afrikaners is Plesierig in die Bluegrass

The first large, organized get together that I can remember or have been invited to of South Africans in the Lexington, Kentucky area took place Friday evening on a stormy and rainy 4th of July. As more than 50 people started to arrive at the farm of AndrĂ© O’Conner for a traditional braai (barbeque) a heavy rain storm moved over the Bluegrass area and for the next 45 minutes or so people took shelter in their cars and some even invaded a horse trailer. But the rain didn’t damper any spirits or stopped the event. It only caused the fires to be lighted a little later, which left more time for meeting many new people and lekker gesels in Afrikaans.

Thank you to Lindsay Hunter for organizing the event and to AndrĂ© and Crystal O’Conner for the facilities and the excellent boerewors. The evening turned out great. But then that’s what usually happens when South Africans get together for a braai.

PS: The informal group is now gathering the names of Southern Africans in the Bluegrass area and if you are interested to get you name on a list for future meetings you can leave me a comments or to protect your privacy send me an email.

Everybody had a story to tell...

...information and experiences were exchanged...

...en gesels dat dit gons tot laat innie aand.

While others had to do the serious work of braaing.

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