Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Vatican Treasures

Going through some pictures of our travels through Italy that I am trying to rescue from a archived CD I came across some that I have never used previously or have used in a different format, either as part of a heading or a collage. I thought they should shine in their own right. These were taken at Vatican City. You can also see more Vatican images by clicking here.

A quiet gallery off a busy walkway with marble horses and several other statues.

Perseus with the head of Madusa.

Delicate sculptures above an entrance door to a gallery.

Artimes with her many breasts. Indian inspired Greek art work.

A Bronze Herculus. Not many bronze artwork from the Roman or pre-Roman period survived the smelter's oven. There is another rare bronze of Herculus in the Capitoline Museums. (look out for it in another post soon.)

I am not sure about this piece, but I think it is Apollo.

A magnificent detailed frieze against one of the gallery walls.

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