Friday, August 1, 2008

The Real Spin Zone

OMG! Bill O’Reilly’s head is so big he barely fits into my TV screen. And I have a 50 inch TV.

I have never heard a bigger bigot in my life.

The past two nights I have had some time to kill between 8 and 9 pm EST and watched the Factor on Fox. In O’Reilly’s Tuesday evening interview with Scott McClellan, a one-time Press Secretary in the White House, he harassed McClellan so much for an apology for things that was said about O’Reilly by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Eventually McClellan was so stupid and apologized for something he never even said. How this McClellan even became a White House Press Secretary I don’t know because he was so rattled by O’Reilly you would swear he was in the presence of some Fox, I mean, faux world demigod. By the end of the interview O’Reilly was shouting McClellan down and instructing McClellan to straighten himself and not be associated with people like Matthews and accused McClellan of being controlled by MSNBC. I was really aghast to hear a show host being so rude and a guest, who practically grew up in a political world being so na├»ve.

On Wednesday evening O’Reilly brought on Dennis Miller, you know that “comedian” who tries so hard to be funny that he is actually un-funny. It seems Miller’s only angle on the news of the day is to deliver derogatory comments on people and to exaggerate the news to the point of evisceration.

I am neither a fanatical left-winger nor a zealous right-winger and as such have no axe to grind with either O’Reilly or Miller. Nor do I HAVE to watch Fox channel, there are many other channels where I can get my news, but to get a balance view of things, which I like to get, and only if you listen between the lines, then Fox do sometimes present an opposing view to some of the other news channels. I am not saying Fox is “fair and balance” like they try to portray themselves. Not at all. Fair and balance means objectivity. At Fox, more than at any other news channel, objective journalism is totally, literally drowned out if not dead. I guess the news at Fox is like that old joke about Hitler being found in Argentina some years after WWII and was begged to return to Germany as Fuehrer again. Hitler answered: OK, but no more mister nice-guy.

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