Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Pit-bull with Lipstick

Last Friday when I came home for lunch, I usually do seeing that I live very close to the office, and watched on TV when John McCain announced his pick for the Vice President I was one of millions who said: “Sarah Who?” I had to go and google to find out more about this surprised selection. Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. I said then to people what a clever move by McCain after Obama missed the chance to select a woman as his Vice President candidate. And Obama didn’t necessarily had to select Hillary. There are many excellent Democratic women candidates. Tonight and I will repeat what, surprisingly, CCN said and what, predictably, Fox News Network said: “A star is born.”

She didn’t write the speech, but Sarah Palin delivered it with fire and zest, Texan steak style, bold and unabashed, especially if one considers what has all happened since her selection to be John McCain’s running mate. Attacked from the left for being unknown and with no experience, and for having too much on her plate and one who should be a mother at home to look after her Down syndrome child and 17 year-old pregnant daughter. Wow, if the media had to say that of Hillary the feminists would have turned into radical hooligans!

Cartoon by Dana Summers.

If McCain wanted an attack dog, he got a pit-bull. With lipstick I might add. If McCain wanted a narrative story as the base for the election, he got a novel. And for the second time in a week I have to say: “What a speech!” Again by a lady! So far the men have disappointed me. I expected more clarity on his politics and plans from Barack Obama. Sure the moment was historic, but the speech lacked kick. And Joe Biden didn’t say anything new. Same old, same old. We should have a more complete view of the landscape after McCain’s speech tomorrow night.

This is my 3rd year as citizen of the US and this November election will be my first year participating in a presidential election. I must confess the past week or so has been an exciting few days if you like politics. Politics as usual or as traditional I suppose, but nevertheless exciting. Based on reading of American history and its politics, I theorize that 40 percent of the present day American electorate is Republican and 40 percent are Democrats. The other 20 percent are independent, Reagan democrats, mavericks or simply people that either believe that both the Republicans and Democrats have good and honorable principles in their charters or believe that both parties are pathetic when elected to office, and therefore elect a personality to the White House instead of a specific party’s representative. It is this 20 percent; let’s call them independents, which really control this country, election after election. They are the swing voters. The vote the candidates really fight for after pleasing their base with normal rhetoric and ceremony.

Count me under the independents and under the ones that believe both parties passionately believe that they are the best for America once elected. But as we all know it is not political parties that shape history, but individual personalities. That’s why I will cast my vote for an individual and not for a party. I am even a bit more cynical than just a good believer. I think we have far better candidates and leaders in our political system than the two running now and that both presidential candidates lack executive experience as defined by what is needed when becoming a president. But then again, history showed that some of the least experienced leaders turn out to be some of the greatest. Gandhi for example.

Make no mistake I will go and vote. It’s a privilege that should not be squandered. At lease my vote counts and whatever the outcome of the election, the result will be accepted and executed unlike in Zimbabwe where the one who holds power thinks he is god and power is rightfully his even if his country is dying around him and even if he lost an election.

But both candidates will have to show me more before they get my vote. Both will have to show me the how and not just the what they will be doing once elected. So far, since the real election campaign has only started last week, it has been nothing but a few simple strategic moves in a political chess game.


Anonymous said...

I followed her speech and she really impressed me! It think it's going to be a very close race.

Anonymous said...

Do we really need another gun-toting, animal-bashing, world-beating pitbull? Haven't we had enough the past 8 years of a Chihuahua with a personality disorder that thinks he is a pitbull.


Anonymous said...

Bush is more like a bull in a Muslim shop. Palin is more of the same, more of the same for 4 more years.

BluegrassBaobab said...

Bib, the next 60 days will tell.
Anon: Personally I don't think McCain will be the same as Bush. But at the same time i don't think either candidate will bring big change to Washington. All candidates say that, but nearly always fail. Time will tell.