Friday, November 7, 2008

Chasing Geese

My house backs up to Millennium Park, a recreational and sports facility with soccer fields, baseball parks, play areas for smaller kids, walking and running trails and more, including a man-made lake with fish, ducks and geese.

Every night just before sunset the geese become noisy, calling each other. Time to go! For some or other reason they don’t like sleeping in the park and they fly off to somewhere. The ducks stay behind and find sleeping place around the lake.

For some weeks now I have tried, when I have a free moment to indulge in photography and get home from work before sunset, to catch the geese on camera, flying off into the sunset. Unsuccessfully, I might add. If I get too close to the lake I will not have the wide shot I am looking for. If I stay to the north they would lift off to the south. Somehow they just don’t want to cooperate with me. (Ha-ha.)

But sometimes I get lucky and get a nice sunset. Like this burning-sky sunset.


Anonymous said...

Jou omgewing lyk benydenswaardig pragtig. My niggie woon in Portkand, Oregon en as ek so na haar foto's kyk en na joune en andere wat in die VSA woon, begin ek regtig twyfel of Suid-Afrika enigsins mooier is.

BluegrassBaobab said...

Amerika se wonder le in sy natuur. New York, Chicago, ens. het hul eie bekooring, maar die natuurlike landskap is koning.

BluegrassBaobab said...

Jy moet onthou dat Suid Afrika altyd mooier sal wees omdat dit in ons bloed is, sy stof in ons gene is, en sy wie gee om oor sy probleme.