Sunday, June 28, 2009


Georgetown, a famous neighborhood of Washington, DC was already in existance by the time the other George, from Mount Vernon, VA, decided to make the US capital in Washington, well what became known as Washington. Although old George picked the location of the young country's new capital on the banks of the Potomac, he didn't actually named it after himself. That job was left to the city commissioners that was asked to oversaw the construction of the government buildings. They also named the area surrounding the new city Columbia. At the time when all this new city activity happened, Georgetown and another existing town, Alexandria was incorporated into the district of Columbia. Many years later, Alexandria was returned to Virginia, but Georgetown remained part of Washington. By the way, Georgetown is not named after George Washington. No one is sure whether it was named after King George II of England or after the 2 Georges that owned the land, George Gordon and George Beall. The location of our hotel was in Georgetown and here are a few snapshot from our walkabouts.
To read more on the history of the building of Washington, DC, click here.

The Riggs Bank on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street, the shopping and restaurant hub of Georgetown.

Row houses converted to businesses along M Street.

Row houses detail.

More row houses along 30th Street.

A Presidential meeting in a painting of some old timers and some younger ones in the window of a art gallery.

Along the Potomac banks, sunset over Georgetown.

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