Friday, July 31, 2009

Who's That Baby?

Strange how the human psyche works.

This past weekend “Poeksie” was rummaging around and pulled out a photo of her we took last year.

“Who’s that baby?” I asked

Without batting an eye she replied: “Oupaaa, I not baby. I big girl now.”

It seems our brains are genetically programmed to want to turn the clock forward faster when we are little. Aspiring to be teens or adults!

But by the time we get to 40-45 we drastically wish we could turn the clock back again to the time that we can remember as the best time in our distant youth.

Since I haven’t posted a picture of Poeksie lately here are a few.

All eyes on the birthday present.

In her favorite push car. "Come on Oupa...Push"

Clowning around.

Oh, but this is nice.

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