Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Pictorial Walk Along Paseo Santa Lucia

I planned to spend all Sunday in my hotel room in Monterrey, Mexico. I had some work to do and outside it was overcast and cool, but by 1 PM the room’s 4 walls made me feel claustrophobic. I felt had to get out, so I drove to Fundidora Park for a stroll along the Paseo Santa Lucia.

The water passage snakes its way from Fundidora Park to the History Museum in the city center. It is about a 2 mile walk from the park to the city. I never planned to walk all the way, but I eventually did and back. All credit to the designers of the waterway because they keep one wondering what is around the next corner.
The Old and The New
At the entrance to the park with the Business Center in the background.

Curves and Lines
The Holiday Inn at Fundidora Park, Monterrey, Mexico.
A series of murals made with byzantine stone and marble.
Designed by Gerardo Cantu
Made by Migual Angel Cantu and David Gerstein
Top: Spring Stolen Kiss
Middle: Steeplechase
Bottom: The Little Horse
On the left: Stoneman. Artist unknown 
On the right: Beatriz Del Carmen & Jose Luis Cuevas by Jose Luis Cuavas, 2008

The Spiral. Artist unknown.

I eventually ended up in the city center at the back of the Museum for Mexican History (see previous post). At the restaurant on the left, Tenerias, I had a light late lunch before I walked back to the park.


SA Expats said...

Nice pics.

Boer said...

Ongelooflike argitektuur en mooi kuns. Jy is besig om 'n ander prentjie van Meksiko te skep as wat hier agter in my kop was.

BluegrassBaobab said...

Monterrey is a baie moderne industriele stad en die area is baie beinvloed deur die leefwyse van Texas. 10 gallon hats, sambreros en cantinas kan gesien word en armoede is orals te sien, maar die stad het ook fantastiese restaurante and parke. Dit hang af waar 'n mens dwaal. Ek probeer om slegs veilige plekke te besoek, want crime en veral motor diefstal en selfs ontvoerings is besig om te groei in Monterrey.