Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Bit Of Africa In The Bluegrass

At last the sun is shining again and the snow has melted. For now at least. The land is grey and the breeze is cool, but 57 degrees Fahrenheit is not to be ignored. One could be fooled spring is coming.

Went to some South African friends on their farm close by to get out of the house, shake off the claustrophobia of the four walls, get some fresh air and feel the expanse of space again.

Header photo: An Ankole Watusi cow from East Africa with its long horns. Often called the cattle of kings. In Uganda the Bahima tribe, traditional herdsmen just like Kenya's Maasai tribe, still owns large herds of these longhorn cattle
A Texas Longhorn
Roughing it.
Good Buddies.
The grey trees and cold creek still very much scream WINTER.
The sun setting behind the barn

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