Monday, February 20, 2012

Rickshaw Ride to Bamboo Avenue

At the Togetsukyo Bridge

A photo journal of my maiden voyage (pun intended due to the rain) in a rickshaw in Kyoto in black & white...and a little color.

In the "taxi stand" they clean, polish and maintain their riskshaws. 

The "human-horse gallops" across the bridge

The rickshaw, which originates from Japan, was invented in 1869. The name is an alteration of jinrikisha, the Japanese name, which literally translate to "man-powered carriage". I got to know it as a riksja, the Afrikaans for rickshaw that was brought from India to South Africa, where they were pulled by Zulus and mostly used in the city of Durban. Today hand-drawn rickshaws serve mainly as tourist attractions in many cities.

Down Main Street

And up steep hilly, narrow alleys where they sell ice cream, raincoats and umbrellas

Until you get to a bamboo grove, generally known as Bamboo Avenue 
The cemetery at the top of a curved road 

Walking back to Main Street in the rain

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BoerinBallingskap said...

Pragtig hoe jy die foto's so aangepas het. Werk baie goed saam met die atmosfeer van die inskrywing.