Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Old Newsletters of a South African in America

As promised in my welcome post I will go back in history and re-post some newsletters, known as André's American Chronicles, just to paint a more complete picture of our experiences and adventures since leaving South Africa in March 1997.

Unfortunately the first couple of newsletters were lost due to a disc crash on my computer. Their content was mainly about our arrival in San Francisco, short stay of 4 months in Santa Clara, my efforts to find a job, our adjustment to American life, and our Groot Trek in a small Mercury and pulling a U-haul from California to Kansas along the I-5 and I-70.

The memories I have of that trip is the desolation of the Mojave desert, the bleakness of Nevada, the breathtaking canyons and colors of Utah, the struggle to cross the Rockies with an under-powered car, the close encounter of an I-still-don't-know-how-we-missed-that-accident-but-thank-God-we-did episode in a rainy Denver, the 105 degree Fahrenheit heat driving through Kansas without air-conditioning, our eventual arrival and settling in Olathe, KS, starting my first job (just to be told 2 months later that the company was sold and I will have to leave), and the scramble to find a new job, quickly.

By now it is November 1997.