Thursday, October 19, 2006

South Africans In Kentucky

Welcome to the blogspace of the Bluegrass Baobabs, or if you want to translate it to Afrikaans, "die Kentucky Kremetarte", a communications byway for South African expatriates in Kentucky, USA.

With so many South African cultural clubs already on the web, most of them excellent and very informative, I wanted to create something different to allow South Africans staying in Kentucky or where ever, or passing through Kentucky, or want to find out about Kentucky, to connect with one another, or post articles or comments without having to become a member of a club. This is not a club. However, if it turns out that there is a group of South Africans that want to get together here in the Bluegrass, then, by all means, let this blog be the vehicle to drive such a gathering.

For many years now, since 1997, when we emigrated to the US, I have been writing a small newsletter via email (and Word) to family and friends back in South Africa and in other parts of the world (other expats like me in the US, Australia, and the UK.) However, I have now decided to take the plunge and boldly go where so many others have gone before, and become a blogger. I will re-publish some of the newsletters on this blog to share some of our experiences and travels with you.

But I will also publish some helpful tidbits or provocative thoughts (stimulating or confrontational, but never offensive or insulting, however it might be politically incorrect, but that's what free speech is all about) and articles to elicit interactive comments.

Being an avid cook and lover of good eats (I like to think I am a gourmet chef in training...or is that trying...), I will also blog about food and wine and cuisine in general.

In closing, if you don't want to communicate via open comments (the preferred method) you may email me.

Happy blogging!!!

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