Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rock Da Ville

Danville was Rocked today during the 2nd annual Rock Da Ville event, a kind of geesfees, musical spirit festival. The focus was very much on the spirit, in a Christian sense. Several streets in downtown were blocked off as 17 artists performed on 3 different stages. Among the artists that performed was rock outfits Seventh Day Slumber and Poor Man’s Riches. Among the indie groups were One Day Less and Last Day. New this year was a hip-hop stage and among the bands that hip-hopped and rapped was G.R.I.T.S.

Main Street, Danville, Ky. People watch bands on the Indie Stage.

Poor Man's Riches Rocking Da Ville in Danville.

People moved from stage to stage at Rock Da Ville on Saturday, 11 August, 2007


Oscar1986 said...

cool blog, interesting. check out my ancient worldz blog if you get a chance.

BluegrassBaobab said...

Interesting comparisons on your blog between the ancient civilizations and modern America.