Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Homecoming Friday

The darkness of an early Monterrey morning still lies thick upon the cool land as I walked into Wings at the aeropuerto for a quick pan tostados y los huevos revueltos para el desayuno. I have an hour before boarding time. I was not very hungry, it was 5:50 am, still to early to eat for me, and ate only half the toast and the scrambled eggs were tasteless. I am sure it was Egg Beaters or some other egg substitute. But I had to eat something, during lunch I will be in the air and the next stop for my stomach is dinner.

The heavy rains that fell over most of the Eastern United States earlier this week moved north into New England and Canada, and no flight delays are forecasted for my return journey home. Although these drought stricken areas needed the rains, it was probably more needed at this moment in Southern California where raging wildfires are consuming land, veldt and neighborhood by the miles.

What a week it has been! Extremely busy! Again, I had no time to visit any of the exhibitions currently on show during the cultural Forum in Monterrey. But I will be back in 2 or 3 weeks and on my next visit I am going to make time for some cultural education. I will have to do some more Internet research. So far I have not found a good website explaining all the events and locations. Maybe they are only in Spanish. I have only found sites with a little information here and a little there. Just like scattered thundershowers.

* Photo is courtesy of I found the photo on the Internet and loved it. Several mornings I have seen this panorama but I never took a photo of it. Someone else did.

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