Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary At Her Best

Wow! What a speech?

Tonight Hillary Clinton delivered her finest speech, a speech of a lifetime, and tonight could well be a pinnacle in her life. Although she asked people to vote for Barack Obama as president, mainly because she felt we need a fellow Democrat in the White House, the speech was all “about me”. It was all about Hilary Clinton and her piece of women’s rights history she carved herself because of how close she got to be the nominee…as a woman, and rightly so too.

Sometimes it sounded as if Obama was mostly treated like a tag on to her, but in a very nice and diplomatic and supportive fashion, so well that it got the people to their feet every time. She did what she had to do and said what she had to say in support of Obama. She said Michelle will be a good first lady, but never said why she thinks Obama would be a good president. A true endorser usually does. I am sure many thought that that was suppose to be her job tonight. Unite the party behind Obama. I don’t think the speech did though.

She was presidential, received like a superstar; she spoke about the subjects dear to her, and delivered the words and thoughts that probably made many wondered if they nominated the right candidate instead of her.

I felt it was not an “Arrivederci Roma” speech. It was a “I’ll be back!” speech! A question of when? Maybe if Obama loses she could run again in 2012.

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boerinballingskap said...

I watched the speech and tend to agree with you.