Sunday, September 14, 2008

Powerless on a Sunday

Although Tropical Storm Ike never reached Danville, winds on the eastern side of the storm as it trekked up the midwest caused some damaged and lost of electricity in some parts of town. Of course nothing compared to what Hurricane Ike did to Galviston and Houston yesterday.

At around 12:30 pm, I was still merrily working in the garden, spreading straw on freshly sowed grass seeds, battling high winds and racing against the clock before a predicted thunder storm comes along, I heard a crack and thump followed by an explosion. I first thought the wind ripped off my porch roof, but then I noticed downed power lines 20 feet behind me. An old tree behind my neighbor’s yard could not withstand the strong gusts, broke and fell into his yard, snapping an electrical pole and causing a transformer to explode and a power outage in the whole neighborhood. Hey, something different than the usualy Sunday activities!

Kentucky Utility workers starting the clean up and repair of the power lines.

Workers racing against threatening skies and the approaching darkness of night to get the electricity restored.

Monica waiting for the electricity to come back on, which eventually happened around 10 pm. The power outage didn't bother us too much. We had some battery-powered camping lamps from a previous camping trip and we used a propane gas stove to boil water for coffee. Of course it was a great excuse to barbeque.

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