Monday, September 8, 2008

What Was He Thinking?

It is not unusual to get oddly dressed odd balls at any musical award ceremony.
Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards was no exception.

While Britney Spears sparkled in her “silver-wear”

And T-Pain made an over-the-top entrance on an Elephant.
(Check out the elephant's necklace.)

DJ Fatman looked abhorrent in his underwear.

What kind of party did he think he was going to? A pajama party?
Maybe Nirvana’s Come As You Are was playing in his head all day long.
Maybe he was late, wanted to make a timely entrance and just didn’t have enough time to put on all his clothes…

LMAO. The dress socks and sandals though is hilarious.

Britney: photo by Jason Merritt/
T-Pain: Photo by Kevin Mazur/
DJ Fatman: photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage.Com

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