Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Danville Becomes Wet

Danville voted YES to become wet!!!

Prohibition in America ended in 1933 on a federal level, but the Twenty-first Amendment still allow states the right to restrict or ban the sale of alcohol and many states or towns still do. Others like Kentucky, over years of gradual repeals and loosen restrictions by area created an ugly quilt of laws that led to the creation of wet or dry or moist counties and towns across Kentucky. And in several other states across America for that matter.

In 2003 Danville voters selected to end the town’s dry status and to become “moist”, thus allowing the sale and purchase of liquor in restaurants under certain conditions.

Today the voters were back at the ballot box and voted to become wet, thus allowing liquor stores to be open and freely sell beer, wine and liquor and no restrictions on restaurants that alcohol sales must be less than 30% of their total sales.

Good ole democracy at work. Allowing responsible people their civil right of trade and not having a government law defining morality.

So being a Yes-man today I say thank you to all the other Yes voters for normalizing a perfectly accepted practice of allowing those that want to buy a perfectly legal product in their own town and not having to drive to another county or town.

Next is for the state of Kentucky to enter the 21st Century proper and repeal the restriction of alcohol sales and purchases over the Internet.

Election results: Yes vote: 57% No vote: 43%.

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