Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Feathered Hat

When I saw this picture of Queen Elizabeth with all its earthy colors and the feathered hat which looked like someone squashed a big fat hairy spider on it, I wondered:

1) Was she pissed off because someone in a high pitched voice, while frantically pointing, made a remark about a spider on her hat?
2) Was she walking her beloved dogs and just realized she stepped in a pile of dog shit and is afraid to look down?
3) Is that how President Zuma dresses for a visit to England? For God’s sake it’s winter here!
4) Was that last fart a wet one?


Boer said...

:lo: :lol:

Anonymous said...

Baie snaaks!

Sky said...

Ha! Great. :)

Can I use this image in a video I'm making? It requires a shot of the queen in a silly feathered hat. You can email me at my name (above) at and I can tell you more. I just need to know who to credit the photo to.

Thanks for any help!