Sunday, May 8, 2016

Postcards from Toledo

Behind the high altar of the Sacristy hangs El Greco's famous The Disrobing of Christ. He lived in Toledo from 1577 to his death in 1614 and we walked past his house at one stage during the day, now a museum. The pictures really doesn't do the real painting justice. Up close it is a stunning work of art. The red robe looked so real I felt I could touch it.   
Behind the main altar the exquisite El Transparente. Personally I felt this enormous piece of artwork was the best in the cathedral.
El Transparente. Floor to ceiling with a huge hole in the wall at the top (see below). It was created between 1729 and 1732 by Narcico Tome and his four sons, all artists and architects. According to Michener's Iberia, that I mentioned in the beginning of this post, it was commissioned by the bishopric to allow for more light to enter the cathedral. The dark object in the top left is a red cardinal's hat suspended from the ceiling, one of several.These hats belonged to the cardinals buried in the tombs directly below. The tradition is that cardinals can be buried anywhere in the cathedral and their red caps are hung above until they rot away, which can take more than 100 years!
A painted ceiling above the El Transparente.
 Toledo Cathedral Altar and very ornate gate
Entrance to the Choir
Some of the chapels
The Portal of Lions
 The Cathedral from a distance with the flying buttresses in clear view. Together with the Alcazar it dominates the Toledo skyline.
Street scenes

 Santa Cruz Museum
Toledo's Puerta del Sol, the Sun Gate
Near the Alcazar's entrance
La Taberna Del Pescador's menu for lunch
Toledo's AVE train station in a modern Moorish style

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