Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Walk in a Park

One thing we are blessed with here in Kentucky is the beautiful, colorful sunsets. I am sure it has the same beautiful sunrises, but between all the usual suspects of life’s activities in the early morning I never get to see many of those sunrises.
Sometimes I will take my camera and cruise the park behind my property.

The scenery ain't much. There certainly is no dramatic scenery in the park.

It is visually a rather boring place for walking.
But then, it is first and foremost a recreational park.

But sometimes one can take the little scenery there is,
add a little atmosphere, light and a sense of tranquility,
and turn it into a moment of reflection and enjoyment.
It is just a walk in a park,
but it is a walk that one has to walk from time to time.

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