Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Are The Kangaroos?

Does anyone have a few brain cells they can do without to sell to Miss Kirsten Bell?

Don’t try to ring her bell because I don’t think anyone will answer.

Miss Bell, the starlet in the movie Couples Retreat, rated a dismal 15% only by the critics on Rotten Tomatoes, just returned to the US from a trip to Australia and in an interview she expressed her disappointment by the lack of kangaroos at the airport when she arrived in Australia.

Well Miss Bell, have you ever considered how disappointed Australians are when they arrive in America and find there are no grizzly bears at the airport to welcome them?

Damn! How inconsiderate can we Americans be by not ensuring foreigners are welcomed by our wild animals? Damnit twice!

Now I have to admit it is not just Miss Bell that holds these views of wild animals in public streets. I personally have been asked if there are still lions in the streets of Johannesburg, to which I usually answer: "Yes, in Johanannesburg there are many (referring to the Lions Rugby supporters), but not that many in Cape Town. I also recently read in an Internet forum where someone asked if visitors to South Africa for next year's Soccer World Cup will be safe against attacks from wild animals. To that I will also say: Yes, you are safe from the four legged animals, but watch out for the two legged kind.

Also see this article and what the Australian press think about Miss Bell's non-encounter with kangaroos.

What's that thing they say about blonds...

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